بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Tayammum - dry purification

Tayammum is dry ritual purification which can be done in place of wudu or even ghusl, if there is a valid excuse for that.

In what cases can one perform tayammum instead of wudu/ghusl?

Tayammum is permissible as the replacement for wudu and ghusl in cases, when it is impossible or unduly difficult to perform them, such as:

What types of earth can be used for tayammum?

Tayammum can be performed with any pure substance of the earth, such as dirt, sand, limestone, stones, or dust.

How to perform tayammum?

Tayammum consists of following actions:

After performing tayammum, one becomes pure, even if he was in a state of major ritual impurity prior to that. One remains pure and can perform prayers until his wudu or ghusl are nullified, or the initial excuse making the tayammum permissible is no longer there.